Thank you to our NHS Superhero illustrators! #getcreativefortheNHS

Andrew Sharp, National Health Action Party MEP candidate and children’s book publisher writes:

This Easter weekend Steven Carne (@OhStevenCarne) is asking Twitter to #getcreativefortheNHS in support of NHS staff and campaigners. For Good Friday he asked what an NHS superhero would look like. Inspired by this I threw down the gauntlet to my friends and colleagues.


A band of plucky illustrators picked that gauntlet up and how they ran with it! First up, the Book Sniffer whose blog is a must for parents of young children and anyone interested in books for pre-schoolers. Thank you, you loveable pug, you!


Next up, thank you to Sarah Yewman. Sally Stethoscope looks like she’s ready to swing into action to stick up for the NHS!

A special mention for six year old Lucy whose Super Nurse Nancy is zooming to the rescue of a hospital near you RIGHT NOW! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of lovely treats Lucy.

Thanks too to Guy Parker Rees. If pigs could fly we wouldn’t need such a robust defence of our NHS eh?

I was sat in a cafe when this huggable chap caught me unawares. Thanks to David Melling for sending Hugless Douglas into the fray. We Love You Hugless Douglas! That’s a book don’t you know…

Back at home I was busy writing my speech for the NHAP Stick Up for the NHS rally (details here) when illustrator Mark Chambers tweeted Super Stinky to me. As I said at the time Mark, you’re a star and a gent. Thank you for sending Stinky my way, he already has a lot of fans within the NHAP!

The speech-writing was bringing back lots of memories, not all of them good and I was starting to get a bit bogged down in it. When I went to check Twitter I found not one but two new heroes who really lifted my spirits. The first from Clara Vulliamy, a puppy ready to swing into action to save the NHS. Just call! As Clara will tell you, our NHS is NOT for sale. Thank you Clara!

The second hero sent by Emma Dodd from her family holiday was the first and (so far?) only human. Thank you Emma! Enjoy the rest of your break.
Now I think he bears an uncanny resemblance to our Co-Leader Clive Peedell (pictured below). I have to ask Emma, was that intentional?
Speaking of bears (Ed?), you might like to check out Emma’s latest book The Entertainer which has become an instant hit with my youngest child.

Finally, a massive thank you to Steven Carne. Thank you for your own campaigning for the NHS. Thank you for bringing the creative community out in support of our often-beleaguered NHS staff. Thank you for enlisting support for NHS campaigners. It can be hard work bringing the challenges faced by the NHS to the public’s attention. It is frustrating that the news media seem interested only in sensationalising its failures with barely any mention of the underlying problems. Projects like #getcreativefortheNHS can really help to lift our spirits and keep us going. It’s a comfort to know that there are caring and creative people out there who have the backs of the people striving to preserve the NHS for future generations.

Londoners, please vote for the National Health Action Party in the European elections on 22nd May. Help us to stick up for the NHS!

Happy Easter everyone!


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