Whipps Cross Hospital: end bullying, reinstate Charlotte Monro

A petition has been launched calling on Barts Health NHS Trust (BHT) to put an end to bullying at Whipps Cross Hospital and reinstate Charlotte Monro, an Occupational Therapist with 26 years of service at Whipps Cross who was sacked after attempting to highlight the risks to patients of cuts at BHT during an open meeting.

Local people have been concerned for the future of Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone since it became part of Barts Health NHS Trust in 2012. Services at Whipps Cross are thought to be especially at risk as BHT proceeds with its financial rescue plan. Amid a culture of bullying at the hospital hundreds of staff have had their jobs downgraded and services are being cut. BHT is having to make the biggest savings in the NHS, with £30m saved in 2013. Savings are demanded by government policy and the repayments on the huge PFI debt sustained by BHT in the rebuilding of The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

According to Barts Health Trust’s own website, Whipps Cross is a centre of excellence for many services, including cardiology, cancer care and acute stroke care. Yet Charlotte Monro has been sacked after defending these very services.

Please sign the petition calling for Charlotte Monro to be reinstated to the job that she loves so passionately:

“A culture of bullying and a climate where staff feared consequences if they spoke out was revealed in a CQC inspection of Barts Health NHS Trust, the largest in the country. It is Barts Health that dismissed Charlotte.

We ask you to sign the petition and pass it on as widely as possible. We have to roll back this culture of diktat within the NHS – a culture that is not compatable with care.

In a climate where NHS budgets and services are being cut and contracted out to the private sector, the importance of staff and staff representatives being free to speak out to maintain good quality patient care has been clearly demonstrated by events at Mid Staffs hospital.

Charlotte was sacked over speaking to elected councillors at scrutiny committee about cuts to patient services… and for liaising with staff affected by proposed changes and job losses… as a trade union rep. Part way into the disciplinary process, her employers then included a new allegation: that she had failed to declare protest-related convictions from the 1960s and 70s when starting her job 26 years ago…”

Please sign the petition.

Thank you.


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