Who will save the NHS?

This is it folks… Pretty much nails things.
Only quibble is about NHA: past experience proves single issue candidates can win elections. Our Co-Leader Dr. Richard Taylor has done it twice already. Going for the hat trick in 2015! Here‘s an overview of Dr Taylor’s political career.

Big Up the NHS

I know the approach I have taken in this blog is a bit contrived and potentially irritating but as a device to get the main message across it might work. Please bear with me and read to the end to find my answer, and share widely if you agree with the logic.

It takes the form of a conversation between me (@butNHS) and the average man (or woman) in the street (TMITS).

TMITS  – “What – save the NHS? Surely the NHS is one of the UKs best loved institutions and recognised to be the most efficient, effective and equitable health care system in the world. We all depend on it from cradle to grave. It is at the core of our society, truly a national treasure. How can it possibly need saving?”

@butNHS – “Yes, all these things are true, but the NHS as we know it – funded…

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