Londoners campaigning for the National Health Action Party at the European elections


This evening members of our local group were joined at Whipps Cross hospital by Dr Louise Irvine, the National Health Action Party’s lead candidate in May’s European elections and Dr Jacky Davis, contributor to the book NHS SOS – How the NHS was Betrayed and How We Can Save It.
The local NHA group was also joined by members of Waltham Forest Save Our NHS which is holding an open meeting at the Healthwatch Pop-up Shop at Hoe Street Central, 137 Hoe Street, Walthamstow on Monday 31st March from 18.30 until 19.45. WFSON invites all members of the public to join the meeting and hear what other locals are doing to defend our NHS.

Dr Irvine returns to our borough tomorrow. Dr Irvine will be joining fellow MEP candidate Andrew Sharp, a Highams Park resident who has lived in the borough since 2003. The pair will be campaigning on Station Road, Chingford from 11 to 12 and at the top of Walthamstow Market from 12.30. They are hoping to become MEPs for 3 key reasons:
Reason 1. TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty currently being negotiated by the European Parliament. NHAP calls for the NHS to be exempted from this treaty because it allows private companies to sue the British government for loss of potential earnings if NHS services are not opened up to competition, irrespective of the views of the electorate, 84% of whom wants the NHS to remain publicly- run. None of the major parties are bothered enough about the fate of the NHS to be leading the fight to get our health service exempted from TTIP.
Reason 2. Public Health
There are vital public health issues that Europe legislates around: the environment and pollution, the regulation of medicines and doctors, food labelling and food safety. NHAP wants to prioritise public health in all policy decisions.
Reason 3. Use your vote to stand up for the NHS. Or lose it.
A vote for the NHA at the Euro elections to send a strong, clear message to politicians from across the political spectrum that the demolition and privatisation of our NHS must stop.

Please come and find us to learn more about how you can help to save our NHS.




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